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External cleaning

We have the tools, the knowledge and experience to get the outside of your property looking as good as the inside! From the fascias and softies to your windows and doors to the patio and gardens. We can handle all of it, Here are some of the services in more detail…

Driveways / Patios / Decking / Walls

Pressure wash / softwash (lichen and fungi removal treatment) we have a full range of pressure washing equipment such as high rated honda pressure washer designed for commercial works, it’s efficient and effective at removing large volume of dirt, we also use a rotary spin head that enables us to cover large areas in reasonable times this is very low impact in the drive and keeps cleaning the surface less invasive to the jointing. All our jobs come with res-sanding this may require a later visit as the joints would normally need to be dry to enable us to get the sand for re-jointing to the correct levels and depths, this will be advised at the time of clean. All driveway are cleared of moss and weeds prior to any of our cleans. Weed killing maybe carried out in advance of the clean date if substantial growth present and charges would apply. If any oil or other stains will be treated no guarantee can be given of full removal but to date we have a 100% success rate and we like a challenge treatment is also subject to surfaces.

Garden ground works

Such as trimming hedges, bushes and shrubbery, grass cutting weeding, planting can be undertaken, leaf clearance, tree felling / reducing over hang

Conservatory cleaning

Inside and out removing all moss, lichen and black mould and fungi from all uvpc fittings and clean windows inside and out (this helps restore the features of the conservatory and also help reflective from sunlight).

Solar Panel cleaning

Cleaning the panels has proven to give back the efficiency of them, giving you back up to 60% UV light absorption thus extending their effectiveness, and reducing your bills to the levels of originally installed. Using our state of the art technology water fed poles which has been designed for this purpose as it’s none aggressive on your panels.

Gutter Cleaning

Having your gutters cleaned regularly can save you money on the long run as 80% of insurance claims originate from water ingress from your roof line, which has been proven to be poor maintenance of the roof line, this also improves the visual ascetic of your home.
We provide a FREE video of inside your gutters from the ground and all our works are ground based using the latest technology on the market.

Chewing Gum removal

This service is more for our commercial customers but if you own a pub hotel B&B then you will hate the site of this grime menace, we can remove each spot of chewing gum within 7 seconds regardless how long it has been there, we do this using the latest technology available and it is environmentally friendly no need for gallons of water as most companies use high pressure washing and no need to shut down the street or put up large barriers up we can do this during the day and or at night with no disruption to public foot traffic.

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Our Customer Feedback

Mr KerrBlantyre

Great service. Competitively priced. So handy when you're too busy with work etc to keep your house pristine!

Jennifer WalshGlasgow

Great company that does exceptional work. Highly recommended and reasonably priced.

Kirsty McgibbonGlasgow

Highly recommend.

Eleanor JamiesonGlasgow

I have been using Pristine for over a year now, for regular fortnightly cleans having tried a couple of other domestic cleaners. I am absolutely delighted with the service, nothing is too much trouble and the staff are all really friendly and professional...

Louise ORutherglen

Highly recommended the staff are very nice!!!

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